Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pacquiao Defeats Margarito by Unanimous Decision: Watch Pacquiao-Margarito Fight Online Live Streaming Free

View the series of rounds in video uploads HERE. Or, you may type Pacquiao-Margarito Fight Round "insert round number" in Youtube search tab. Apologies for unclear, inconvenient shots. The series of videos will be made availably complete later. Congratulations Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, the first national government official to compete in a boxing championship!! Pacquaio, IMBA mo talaga!

Pacquiao Defeats Margarito! (Inquirer Portal)
Margarito Escapes Onslaught (Inquirer Portal)
Pacquiao Dances Away from Trouble (Inquirer Portal)
Pacquiao Still Stable (Inquirer Portal)
Pacquiao-Margarito Fight Update on Round 2 (Inquirer Portal)
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Jejemons and Jejebusters: Watch Pacquiao-Margarito Fight Online Live Stream Free

Jejemons and Jejebusters, Pacquiao's gonna unite us all in this new chapter of his boxing career! This is it! Pacquiao vs Margarito fight na! Go Pambansang Kamao!

Do you want to know how to watch Pacquiao vs Margarito live online?

I've got a lot of alternatives for you in order to watch the Pacquiao vs Margarito fight live stream online!

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Also, other popular ways to watch are to download SOPCAST and TVU. Both are free Peer to Peer or P2P software used to watch live TV.

In defining one from the other, SopCast has less US channels compared to TVU Player. TVU offerings include HBO, CNN, ESPN and many different category of of various international channels. There are some notable regular sports channels which includes CCTV5, a Chinese channel.

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Who's pair of gloves will prevail? Surely, a lot of boxing fans out there are waiting for this new chapter in history. It can be remembered that, "Margarito's reputation was tarnished by an incident in which his corner is alleged to have tampered with his hand wraps prior to his bout with Shane Mosley, which were found by the CSAC to contain sulfur and calcium which, when combined with oxygen, forms 'Plaster of Paris'" (Wikipedia).

Meanwhile, there has been no record of violations or misconduct for Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao who usually wins via knockout (data shows 38 out of 51 fights won were by knockout). He is also the WBO Welterweight World Champion (Super Champion) and is recognized as the number 1 pound-for-pound best boxer in the world. Will these be enough to defeat his rival? I guess we'll find it out in the days which are to come.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jejemon August Rush

Today is August 30, 2010 and this post is Jejedex Blog's first and probably my last Jeje post for the month of August. This entry is somewhat like a thank you message to all the internet users who made this small blog site of mine a success.

I am deeply honored to be one of the few people who got a lot of offers from highly praised magazines to give them consent of publishing some of the most infamous Jejemon-related photos ever seen in the web. Sadly but with pride, I did not accept any of the offers for I think doing it was way too troublesome.

Because of Jejemons, the JejeDEX Blog approximately received 12,000 visitors for the first two months of its existence. Thank you so much! Having such a good flow of traffic, for a newbie like me, was overwhelming and exciting as well.

Because of Jejemons, I realized that I can somehow write and make good posts as long as I'm interested and I'm dedicated to the stuff which, for no reason, may not be a part of my niche/ expertise. Probably the reason why I diversified my skills in writing focusing on different fields (news, features, literary, editorial, commentary, advertisiing etc.).

Because of Jejemons, I found out that you don't need to buy a domain just to publicize and make people aware of what is happening anywhere at any time.

Because of Jejemons, I made this blog alive and kicking for the unprecedented extension of its life, which rests upon the trend of user searchers for Jejemon and the like. Up until now, this blog remains on top of searches for terms like Jeje Cap, Jeje Keyboard, Jeje Alphabet. Meanwhile, the keyword "Jejedex" got its own pages as well in search bars. I didn't expect all of these would happen, again I thank everyone who made these once-I-concluded-I-could-never-do-at-a-young-age blogs possible..

Because of you, I achieved my dream of becoming a successful blogger. And this dream does not only end here. This is just the beginning of everything. I promise you that, as long as I have readers dropping by this site, I will maintain this blog and all the others that I made. Currently, I have 18 blogs constantly updated which are the following:

I will  never end up believing in my capabilities and reaching forth the pedestals of greater success. No one ,except I, is probably the happiest person this early morning (4:25 AM)) to wake up late this afternoon (probably 2PM).

I'm pleased and impressed with the way visitors drop by and leave comments about certain issues. I'm so glad that I got to prove to people why we don't need to include explicit terms like "porn", "sex", "hot girls" and the like, just to grab traffic and make a name. As the personally-interpreted-and-likewise-said infamous note of all people states, our lives depend on how we manage to try to achieve little by little the person we want to become in the future, which for me, would not really apply as I have a lot of dreams to catch.

Writing will always be my forte, but it will never be the only. May the rushing approach to Augustt's finale be full of inspiring thoughts and realizations.

Good morning and have a nice day!

Leigh Michiyato

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Attacked by Jejemons

I'm Leigh, the owner and blogger of this blog. Recently, the site was attacked by Jejemons who really bombed one of my blog posts with Jeje-ish comments. I didn't realize that the extent of society's discrimination or criticism of Jejemons led to a gigantic rage that actually formed, a sanctuary for all Jejemons.

With deep respect, I would like to tell and remind all viewers of the goals of setting up this humble, small-turned-viral blog of mine. The JejeDEX Blog or JejeDEX, Jejemon, Jeje Blog is a blog for all - jejemons and jejebusters.

The JejeDEX, Jejemon, Jeje Blog (or JejeDEX Blog) will serve as:
1. a site to report, capture or publicize Jejemons
2. a portal for Jejemons to explain their side
3. an area for Jejemon and Jejebusters to settle their differences and find a way to achieve ceasefire
4. a page that would cater to the thriving culture of Jejemons
5. a venue where humor and seriousness meet
6. a device to connect different types of people

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jejemons, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Many spoofs of international television programs and media outputs inclined towards the Jejemon phenomenon have been circulating online. To be particular, the Jejemon cyber text language has been thoroughly discussed in various public programs like Showtime, Saksi, TV Patrol World, etc. Nonetheless, the sizzling talks end up online through blogs, forums, chat messengers, SMS, and social networks like Facebook, Friendster and Twitter.

Don't be surprised if Justin Bieber tweets everyone and asks what a Jejemon is.

It cannot be denied that this phenomenon has had direct implications to society which is evident in the image below. It presents a spoof of an international game, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, wherein the player becomes troubled trying to decode the question being asked of him.

Photo Courtesy: Blog on my Mind

Now, I would like to ask you. If you were in his place, would you still want to answer the question?  What do you think is the right answer? Would you want to be in it to win it?? Would you want to study the Jejenese language and be familiar with terms like:

JejeDEX, Anti-Jejemon, Jejebusters, Jejeball, Jejemon Fashion, Jejemon Looks, Jejemon culture, Jejemon style, Jejeworld, Jologs-inator, Jeje Statements, Jejemon, Jeje Alphabet, Jeje Nazis, Digimon, Pokemon, Jejemon Blog, Bebemon, Jejemonism, word of the year, Jejedex Contest, Jejemon Blog Contest, Jejemon Blog Contest 2010, Jejemon Contest, Jejemon Living, Jejemon Society, Jejemon World, Jejemon on Saksi, Jejenese, Jejetyping, Jologs, Jeje Cap, Jeje Keyboard, Jeje Scooter, Jejemonism... and counting?